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Otago Peninsula, Dunedin, New Zealand

Wildlife Capital of New Zealand

The Otago Peninsula together with its 20 km long harbour,
is the home of an abundance of magnificent world famous wildlife.
The Royal Albatross and the endangered Yellow Eyed Penguin or Hoiho
(See a Slide Show of the Yellow Eyed Penguin)

Royal Albatross View of the Pacific Yellow Eyed Penguins Little Blue Penguin

Photos of New Zealand including Otago Peninsula Wildlife by Happybirds

The Little Blue Penguin and Stewart Island Shag can also be seen in their natural habitat.
Many Seals live here as well as the Hooker Sea Lions and the occasional Sea Elephant.

The Otago Peninsula is predominantly of volcanic origin, steep and on the Pacific Ocean side very rugged.
The harbour side, warm, sunny and sheltered and has a micro climate that is better than anywhere else on the Otago coast.

A number of walkways give you access to many breathtaking views and sheer cliff faces like "The Chasm" and "Lovers Leap".
The top of Harbour Cone, climbing to 315 meters or just over 1000 feet above sea level, can be reached by foot from several places.

Add to this Larnach Castle the only castle in Australasia, Glenfalloch Gardens,
the Marine Studies Centre Aquarium, local Arts & Crafts and your holiday is complete.

Larnach Castle Glenfalloch Harbour Cone

The Otago Peninsula, Dunedin
Wildlife Capital of New Zealand
Volcanic Rock

United States media network CNN International has named the Otago Peninsula one of the 10 most romantic places
in the world to propose marriage.
"If your beseeching eyes can't soften her heart, the mating rituals of South Island's unusual coastal wildlife may do it,"
says the CNN website "10 best places for a fairytale proposal this Valentine's Day".
"Wildlife reserves near the town of Dunedin are home to colonies of Hoiho [Yellow-Eyed Penguins] and Little Blue Penguins. The Otago Peninsula also has breeding colonies of New Zealand fur seals and Royal Albatross."

 (CNN Media News Network Feb 2011)


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