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Otago PENinsula ARTists

Meet the Artists

Pauline Bellamy Pauline Bellamy

Pauline Bellamy is a committed artist with over fifty years of experience. Her confident, prolific practice has seen her work shown widely and held in numerous collections.

Doug Hart Doug Hart

Throughout my career in the U.K I was involved in teaching children and adults art,design, technology and science. Now in my retirement I can indulge in my passion for creative arts and photography.

Barrie J Mangan Barry J Mangan

Barrie J Mangan is a mosaic artist  who attended a workshop at Broad Bay School in 2007 and decided this is what he wanted to do, having never done anything artistic in his life.

Britany Sue Mason Brittany Sue Mason

The preciousness of the natural world is captured in a series of replicas of found objects from nature. These are cast in solid stirling silver, exemplifying the value of even the smallest life form.

Nancy McLennan Nancy McLennan

An award winning Artist whose paintings, sketches and mosaic work are regularly shown in local exhibitions

Roger Weston Roger Weston

Has been involved with Open Arts now for nearly five years, continuing his writing – and Art. Open Arts is a great group, of like minded, very talented, and personable artists! It is a privilege to be part of them.

Dougglas Williams DOUGLAS WILLIAMS

Douglas was born in Dunedin in 1933 and educated at Kings High School. Douglas now lives in Dunedin to be nearer his family and is still painting and selling his work.

Elizabeth Jenkins Elizabeth Jenkins

Elizabeth was born in the Yorkshire Dales and since early childhood grew up loving the peace and beauty of both the English and New Zealand countryside. Elizabeth recently moved to the Otago Peninsula restoring a cottage.

Graham Geary Graham Geary

Graham Geary is an accomplished artist, defining his work mostly with acrylic paintings, and intricate pen and ink line drawings of birds. Now working from my home studio, I moved to Dunedin, after 30 years as Art Director in Auckland.

Desirée De Launey Desirée de Launey

Creating dramatic visual images has always been a passion. From an early career in commercial art I have branched out, using acrylics, watercolour and pen and ink to create paintings in a variety of different styles, textures, colours and themes.

Kathy Palenski Kathy Palenski

A potter of more than 30 years’ experience, specialising mainly in a wide range of domestic ware. She trained in London and set up studios in Wellington, Auckland and on the Otago Peninsula

Jane Slade Jane Slade

Having retired here two years ago I am now able to devote more time to my art. I mainly use acrylic and oils to depict the light and mood of both the Australian outback and the scenery here on the Peninsula.

Samantha chadwick Samantha Chadwick

I am a novice photographer and an educated painter.
Visual mystery inspires me. As an artist I am attracted to quirkiness, journeys of the imagination and childlike dreams long forgotten. These dreams come to life visually through the images in my photos, designs, and paintings.

Cynthia Mann Cynthia Mann

Cynthia (Cindy) lives in Broad Bay, and has been a 'local' for a considerable period of time! Weaving is my love! I studied weaving in Nelson at Focle' Weaver and was tutored by the well known weavers Nancy Mason and Pat Wilkinson.

Janet  Smith Janet Smith

Always interested in abstract art, I have tended towards free style and abstract images. I have also enjoyed print making by a variety of methods, and have discovered the fun of making collages. Lately I have used my Tablet for digital drawing, and making pictures which can be printed and framed.

Paul Wheeler Paul Wheeler

Paul Wheeler grew up in a visual arts environment and at a young age, explored photography as an art form. This has since developed into digital art, in which he manipulates his photographs or develops an art work from an empty digital canvas. Paul occasionally accepts commissions.

Brian and Diane Miller Brian and Diane Miller

After working for many years in the book industry, Brian and Diane now enjoy writing and publishing their own books from their home on the Peninsula. Their books range widely from local Macandrew Bay history to children’s picture books to illustrated biographies of artists. Brian also enjoys (and teaches) photography.