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 Roger Weston grew up in Auckand. He was educated at New Lynn Primary, Avondale Intermediate, Kelston and Westlake High schools. He studied Education, Psychology and English at Massey University, and trained as a teacher at North Shore Teachers College, where he majored in Physical Education, Art and Drama. Though originally from Auckland, Roger has lived and worked, in his then chosen profession, in schools and institutions in many parts of New Zealand. During his teaching career, he taught a diverse range of subjects, including, Physical Education, Art, English, Music – even Maths! And did a considerable amount of work with the Educationally disadvantaged.
He has also worked professionally as an Artist, Farmer, Interior Designer, Landscaper, and a number of other occupations, which included Educational Motivator/Family Councillor - and owner/operator/chef of ten Restaurants/Cafes. But he was always seeking, seeking the right environs for his art, writing, and "desired" life style.
In the early years of  his Art, he was taught, mentored, tutored, and influenced by Garth Tapper – Colin McCahon – Dawn Percy - Rex Head and Toss Woollaston. They were all, for him, brilliant, helpful, inspiring people. As were the "guides" with his writing – Coleridge - Yeats - Elliot – Pound – Sassoon – Shadbolt - Hunt – Smith – Ludlum - Cornwall - even Carter Brown and Ian Fleming! – A ridiculously wide, eclectic mix of poets and novelists, to, as it is said – – "mention but a few"! His first Art exhibition was in the late 1960's, when he staged a solo exhibition on the North Shore in Auckland. But following that – for a number of reasons – there were long barren periods, until through two commissions – exciting propects, which came out of nowhere, just after he'd moved to Wellington in the early 1970's. It was a turning point – his work flourished – and he exhibited very successfully for a several years.
It was also in this period, he found he had a talent for writing poetry. Initially this was aligned to his paintings. Particularly "Impressions of New Zealand" The title of a large exhibition – and his first anthology – each poem connected to a painting. Leaving Wellington for the Wairarapa to pursue the dream, the first and second editions of "The Words of an Artist" poems were published. In the early 1980's, after the publication of his book of words and poems - "Magpies" – he declined, not for the first time, into the doldrums - Artists and Writers block. It wasn't until the mid 1990's he began painting again, producing and selling a number of good works. Then, in 1999 Roger moved to the South Island from the Far North, to North Otago - Oamaru, where he continued his painting, and began to write his poetry again! It was also the beginning of his novels. Roger has had four large solo Art exhibitions – a number of combined, and has had three volumes of poetry published, as well as three Novels. Psychology suspence/thrillers! "The Backgammon Syndrome" – "The Domino Coincidence" and the first sequel to "The Backgammon Syndrome" - "Snakes and Ladders" (The Intricacies of Evil). He is currently working on a number of other works. A new anthology of Poetry and Prose; a collection of Short stories; and two more Novels.

He now lives in Dunedin with his partner Betty-Anne, and their cat Fluffles. 


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