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First steps into a more intense and complicated world than his poetry – though possibly no less dramatic.
Roger began writing short stories.
Through rather a strange “incident” after reading a review of a book in a newspaper he discovered a very old friend – and fellow Author. It was the beginning of a new Chapter – in fact many Chapters, and it was the beginning of the “BOOKS”!
He first took the characters from his first two short stories and moved them – as the “hero and heroine” (though unfortunately they were not exactly that) of his first Novel – the Psychological thriller - “The Backgammon Syndrome”. It was a long and complicated jouney – into unknown territory – frightening dark places and situations! Both for himself and the Characters!
Roger has written three novels, and is working on two more – and of course his book of short stories – and his Anthology! All that work is frightening enough!
Huge influences in his writing have been wide and varied – many have been a part of his world. One in particular – Maurice Shadbolt, for his style and honesty, his  understanding of the people he wrote about.
That is what I try to make my characters “human” all have feelings and failings.

Perhaps this - “The Artist” was the beginnings of eveything I have attempted to do?
My life was sport – being involved in the physical – then one day someone recognised I had another talent!  It was a slow gradual development, until in the late 1960's it began to evolve. A few commisions – a little recognition – and then the exhibitions. From there it grew. – Yes – of course there were periods of drought! Still are, and trying to combine the three, the art, the novels and the poetry is a pretty large ask of myself! But I ask it.
No – as with everything in the fields I work, not everyone like it – wants it – undertands it, but that is life. I have been privileged to have what I have had, and some very succesful exhibitions and recognition.
I will continue to pursue the “Impossible Dream”.

It was back in 1972 that the first “poems” began to emerge. Influenced then by Sam Hunt; Gary McCormick; Alan Curnow; Roland Flint; Roger McGough, and there were so many others, not just a smattering of Poets of the time. He began to place his words on paper – hand written – later to be interpreted and typed. So many passed by his way and talked and laughed, took his books and left theirs – what a rich world it was and still is. (I still read the “classic Poets”)
His first venture into an Anthology was a collection that stood as part of the Catalogue of one of his Solo Art Exhibitions - “Impressions of New Zealand”. Staged in Wellington in 1973, these “words” bevcame the basis for his first book - “Words of an Artist”. Later came Magpies. He is currently working on a new anthology “Progressions”. A collection from the early days to the present, with a “prose commentary about the “how and why” of Poetry and life.

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