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TheWaiting.  SOLD

Oil on Canvas 110 x 85cm

I know
I seem impatient
I've always been this way
waiting is not
my strong suit
and yes
one of my many
but I am me
and the train
has not arrived
the hissing steam
the clang clank
of carriage couplings
does not echo
across the flatness
of the platform
It's not just the train
though - therefore
is it the person?
The person in
the long black coat
coppery red hair
thrust under
a black beret?
Is it the interminable
seeking of a glimpse?
Ethereal persons
from the past
and now perhaps
to be of the future
all games
that is what we play
as we wait
we wait and play
and the mind turns
flips and fantasies
I really do not like
The Waiting!

From the Painting; The Waiting - April 2014 - Based on the character from the
Novel - The Backgammon Syndrome

TheWaiting.  SOLD

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